Lasik Eye Surgery & Exams

Lasik Exams / Consultations:

I'm interested in Lasik, what do I do to find out if I am a candidate for surgery?

The best way to find out if you are a candidate for Lasik surgery is to make an appointment. The doctor will review your history, your prescription and the general health of your eyes and discuss the options for surgery as they pertain to you specifically. Not everyone can qualify for surgery but this can not be determined over the phone. We offer complimentary in office consulations for those patients who meet the initial requirements. You must have a stable prescription, be over the age of 18, and have healthy corneas. During the Lasik consultation we will check your prescription undilated and dilated for consistency, we will discuss lifestyle and vision requirements with you, and we will go over the pre-operative and post-operative procedures. In some cases, further tests are required before a final determination can be made. These are also complimentary in most cases and the doctor will recommend these as necessary.

I wear contacts right now? Is there a waiting period before I can have surgery?

YES.Most surgeons will look at the patient's contact lens wearing history and make recommendations for a "rest period". If you are a daily wear contact lens wearer, meaning you remove your contacts nightly, the recommended rest period is 7-14 days. If you are an extended wear contact lens user, meaning you sleep in your contacts nightly or often, the recommended period is a minimum of 14 days. This is to ensure that you are receiving the best possible correction. The technology of the lasers used today will correct for even the smallest irregularities in the cornea, and if these curvature changes are due to current contact lens wear, the resulting correction may not be as sharp as the patient desires. If you wear rigid gas permeable contact lenses, the "rest period" may be up to six weeks depending on the length of time the patient has been wearing RGPs. Please call our office if you have any questions regarding procedures for consultations.

I wear bifocal glasses. What can be done for me?

Depending on the lifestyle of the patient and their resultant vision demands, in some cases the end result of the Lasik procedure may be no correction of any kind. This usually entails correcting one eye for distance and the other eye for near. The doctor will determine which eye is dominant, and will make recommendations for surgery. This form of correction is known as modified monovision and is quite effective at achieving functional distance and near vision for most patients. In other cases, the patient will opt to have the best distance vision possible and will choose to wear reading glasses following surgery.

I have been told that I have thin corneas. What does this mean? Can I still have refractive surgery?

Part of the lasik consultation process involves evaluating the corneal integrity and thickness to determine if there is enough tissue present to enable a safe and successful surgery. This is done to anticipate those patients who may be at risk of flap complications and or corneal ectasia down the road following surgery. If you have been informed in the past of "thin corneas", you may have two options. Depending on when the consultation was performed, with the new technology available today you may now be considered a candidate. With the advent of "Intralase" or bladeless lasik surgery, some patients who were previously not considered good candidates can expect to achieve a successful surgery now, since the flap thickness required is less than for a traditional microkeratome or blade surgery. The other option is an alternative refractive procedure known as PRK or photorefractive keratoplasty. This does not require a flap at all. Rather the epithelium is gently removed, the laser applied, and the corneal epithelium regenerates in time. This gives a similar corrective outcome to Lasik but has a longer healing time. This procedure would be recommended when a Lasik procedure is deemed inappropriate or unsafe due to corneal irregularities or thickness.

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